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Pocket GIS Approach


Programming and Systems Development



Every organization has a need for better analysis tools, more accessible databases, more effective communication systems, and easier to use systems. Managers are faced with these challenges while updating operating systems, keeping networks and programs operational, and addressing hardware issues.


In this environment how you will invariably need to build:

  • Simple programs to address operations problems or management needs,

  • Custom database applications because off-the-shelf products don’t address your needs,

  • Better interfaces to existing programs because the programs are too cumbersome or error prone.

You can't address any of these needs because your staff are committed to other projects and you don’t have the time to build a detailed spec, issue a RFP, interview and select a consultant, and manage the process. Echelon can help.


Our system development team consists of engineers, programmers, database and application specialists with (collectively) over 35 years of experience in developing basic as well as advanced technology systems using Visual Basic, C++ and Pocket PC (PDA) based development tools. Our team members have worked with Oracle, MSDE, ACCESS, MS SQL Server, Sybase databases, and with Win98, NT, 2000, and XP platforms.



Our staff can work with your team to explore and understand your problem or need, develop a specification and produce a proposal with defined milestones, at no cost to you. We can then work with your staff to develop complete programs or system solutions and implement the new system, train your staff, and even monitor system performance of the delivered system.

This is all done for an agreed on fixed fee. This means that there are no surprises with respect to product performance, budgets or schedule and the code is transferred to you––on completion. Echelon can help.

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