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Resin systems are designed to protect and insulate electrical and electronic components from harsh environments including moisture, vibration, thermal or physical shock, etc. The Electrolube line includes a wide range of polyurethane and epoxy resins. The benefits include improved product reliability and extended life. Packaging ranges from small gel packs to bulk containers.


Product Code Product Description
UR5041 Polyurethane Resin (black) High toughness and tear resistant, excellent oxidation resistance, low moisture sensitivity during cure, low water absorption and high resistance to sea water, good adhesion to most substrates. All properties retained at low temperatures (down to -60C). Ideally suited for use in harsh marine environments.
UR5044 Polyurethane Resin (blue) Flame retardant, low hardness removable, does not cause stress on delicate units. Used for prototype circuitry, silicone replacement, control circuits for automotive suspension units, mechanical shock, and vibration proofing.
UR5048 Polyurethane Resin (clear) Removable, clarity of material allows fast fault finding, hydrophobic, excellent protection from thermal and mechanical shock. Used for encapsulation of delicate components, e.g., ferrites, glass reed switches and coils.
UR5528 Polyurethane Resin (black, other colors available) Hard and tough resistant, excellent adhesion to substrates such as PVC, ceramics, etc., low viscosity, excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other aqueous materials, marked susceptibility to moisture while curing. Used for thick cure systems offering excellent adhesion and water resistance. Vastly improved relative to conventional urethane systems.
UR5547 Polyurethane Resin (black) Very high performance resin featuring toughness and tear strength, low viscosity and very low permeability to saline and distilled water immersion, very good electrical properties, oxidation resistance, continuous operating temperatures of up to 125C, excellent resistance to most harsh environments. Ideal for use in many electrical applications associated with the inshore and offshore industries.
UR5608 Polyurethane Resin (black) Semi rigid flame retardant encapsulation polyurethane with exceptional toughness, adhesion and chemical resistance. Low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. Can be used in place of epoxy. Certified to UL94V-0. Used for marine terminations, cable blocking and jointing, casting, coil impregnation, PCB encapsulation, ignition or inductance coils, transformers, alarms, connectors, and battery terminations.
UR5097 Polyurethane Resin (black) Medium hard, flame retardant, high-performance resin with exceptional water resistance and electrical properties. Ideal for protection of electrical and electronic devices from marine, tropical environments or automotive industry. Successful silicone replacement. Certified to UL94V-0. Used for marine terminations, bend restrictors, cable joints, gear switches, glass reed relays, weave solenoids, converters, temperature sensors, and lighting equipment in hazardous environments.
ER2001 Epoxy Resin (black) Medium viscosity, general-purpose, flame retardant to UL94V-0, excellent electrical insulation characteristics. Used for potting PCBs, coils, transformers, mold casting.
ER2074 Epoxy Resin (white) Thermally conductive, flame retardant, no abrasive fillers. Used for potting PCBs, power supplies, D.C. - DC converters, temperature sensors.
ER2183 Epoxy Resin (black) Lower viscosity alternative to ER 2074. Easier handling, machine mixing and dispensing. Used for ABS sensors, pressure barrier sensors, temperature sensors, and power supplies.
ER2188 Epoxy Resin (black) DDM free, flame retardant to UL94V-0, general purpose. Used for potting and encapsulation applications were flame retardancy is required
ER2195 Epoxy Resin (black) Tough, adhesive resin system, DDM free and certified to UL94V-0. Used for transformers, large castings, rotor arm sealing, pyrotechnical cables, diesel sensors, and other automotive applications.

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